Health Effects

The Health Effects of E Cig Explained: Can It Help You Quit Smoking?

Over the past few decades, you may have heard about all the negative effects of tobacco and cigarette smoking. It has caused addiction to possibly millions of individuals from all over the world and is now the leading cause of lung cancer. While many smokers wished they haven’t started taking that single puff, many are now having difficulties getting rid of the old habit turned into an addiction.

Alongside other “stop smoking” methods that many have tried, no other product has been considered to be more effective than an e cig, or electronic cigarette. Just like the ordinary tobacco, it gives the smoker the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, without all the negative effects!

The most popular electronic cigarette comes in “pen-type,” which uses e-juices. These juices serve as your cig’s flavor, which may also indicate the percentage of nicotine of your preference. Some of these e-juices have 0% nicotine, and there are some others containing 5 – 12% – it all depends on how you’d like to cut back on nicotine intake.

An e cig doesn’t contain other harmful chemicals that the typical tobacco does – although it contains a small percentage of nicotine, it is less evil than tobacco smoke because it produces vapor, and not carbon monoxide. In fact, it can be smoked in closed buildings where cigarette smoking is usually prohibited. It doesn’t cause harm to second hand smokers, which is another advantage of e cig that you may add to your list. Many smokers have suddenly noticed to feel better after switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Although more research is needed about the benefits of e cig, many reports and customer testimonials have started to notice the huge health benefits that these smoking alternatives have to offer.